ari beers

yoga instructor, meditation teacher, and Ayurvedic expert

ALIAS : coach ari

Ari Beers, a distinguished Functional Medicine practitioner and yoga instructor, brings over 15 years of rich experience and extensive training to the realms of holistic health and wellness.

A decade ago, she founded the Anahata Conscious Living Institute, a beacon of transformative well-being. Ari is recognized for her innovative approach that seamlessly merges Western and Eastern philosophies, creating a tapestry that includes Kundalini, Tantric, and Hatha yoga, pranayama, meditation, positive psychology, nutrition, and health and wellness coaching, all underscored by a profound emphasis on Ayurveda.

As the visionary founder of Anahata Conscious Living, Ari is dedicated to guiding students on their journey to developing a daily yoga practice and viewing yoga as a form of medicine. Her distinctive method draws influences from Kundalini, Tantric, and Hatha yoga, intertwining elements of Pranayama teachings, ancient philosophy, and meditation into a holistic approach to overall health and wellness.

“To harm another is to harm oneself. When you heal yourself, you heal the world.”

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