Natasha Pineiro



Growing up playing sports I have always been involved in fitness and teams. Having played Volleyball for over 15 years I learned a lot about teamwork, physical fitness and hard work. My passion for health and wellness lead me to becoming a yoga instructor and NASM personal trainer. My training style is connecting breath to movement along with corrective form. I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, thats where the fun begins.

How we show up on the matt is how we show up in life.” Meaning the way we show up to train is how we show up for ourself and others. Everything we want to achieve is within us, and I want to be next to you encouraging you to get to that point.

Every time you step into Circuit Works you get something new. Provided with an amazing community and fun music. I always leave feelings stronger and happier.

“How you do anything, is how you do everything”

I was on the LA Kings Ice Crew for 3 years for the National Hockey League.

Can’t pick just one- anything that makes me DANCE

Rufus Du Sol

Spicy Margaritas with Chips & Guacamole!